About Us

Mr.Pierogi is not just a food truck that serves authentic pierogies in Toronto. Mr.Pierogi is a new revolutionary way to look at pierogies and street food.

By combining our traditional recipes with toppings that represent everyones favorite flavors from around the world, we deliver a truly unique, custom and delicious experience to everyone everytime.

With over 20 different toppings to chose from we let your imagination take full control. From taco and cheeseburger pierogies to poutine or just good old traditional pierogies with fried onions and bacon we guarantee to have something for your taste.

Our goal is to provide each guest with the freshest local ingredients, while maintaining the traditional pierogies taste that people have grown to love.

We will continue to maintain our quality product, improve daily operations, and perfect new recipes to suit our customers desires. We also plan to further expand to be able to share our passion with more people