Best Pierogi In TorontoMr.Pierogi is a perfectionist and traditionalist. He dedicated his whole life to pursuing one task and one task only; perfecting the true art of making pierogies. After discovering the secret, Mr.Pierogi and his friends embarked on a quest around the world to get inspired by different foods to pair with his pierogies.

Best Pierogi In TorontoSweety is the balance keeper of the group. A true sweetheart, Sweety did not want to be left out of the creative process and thanks to her the group came up with a revolutionary idea; Dessert pierogies ! Not only can people enjoy the savoury flavours of pierogies, they can now enjoy the sweet ones and amazing toppings to go with them. If anyone knows how to make mouthwatering dessert pierogies its Sweety, and that is exactly what she did.

Best Pierogi In TorontoCrazy is……well, the name speaks for itself. He is equivalent to something of a mad scientist (however he prefers visionary). Crazy had a genius idea of combining Mr.Pierogi’s traditional recipe pierogies with different topping combinations that represent flavors from around the world. Mr.PIerogi was hesitant at first but its hard to say no to Crazy because he is craaaaaazyyyy !!!!! Sometimes crazy ideas turn out to be best ideas.